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I've had a tendency to struggle with what I enjoy doing over the years and sticking with it. Things happen, for one reason or another and you find yourself either losing interest or moving on to something else. Either way, I at least know I prefer working with my hands and being creative. That's the one constant that seems to keep me content.

Over last summer and fall I got into restoring and modifying knives, axes and vintage hand tools. With winter approaching I thought it was a good time to build a small workbench and try leather work to compliment what I'd done so far.  Here's some photos of what I've been up to. I'll post more if anyone is interested.

Some hatchet work with a leather sheath recently finished. These are a lot of fun. I like restoring them and testing them out on camping trips.
Untitled Drawing by Sevian
Untitled Drawing by Sevian

A knife I modified as I was bored with the tactical look. I polished the black coating from the blade and shaped a new oak handle from a wine barrel stave.
Untitled Drawing by Sevian

My first refinished axe.
Untitled Drawing by Sevian

An old Ka-Bar I'm working on. This one will be cleaned up and have a stag handle when complete.
Untitled Drawing by Sevian
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